Roni’s Log: Bench and DL

Still taking it easy. “Easy”, meaning that I haven’t pushed myself to my limits yet. But I’ve been testing singles still. New bench PR today: DL: warmup, 160×3, 2@ 164×5, … Learn More →

quickie update

bonjourno, ronhaven project just a quick update for the last week – been just finished about 4 weeks (lost count) of moderate carb cycling, with 5 days of lifting (mon-fri) … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Beast mode!

I used the 50lb bar today. It’s a little thicker and doesn’t bend nearly as much at 3 plates+. Either that or that big lunch I had gave me the … Learn More →

Squats till you drop

Hey,   I haven’t written my last few workouts but this morning I can barely stand. Squat (No belt) 275×17 315×3 345×3 365×1 375×1 Bulgarians 25x15x4 SuperSet Leg Curls 80x15x4 … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: new paused bench PR

Welcome to where only Ron posts to the blog. Wanted to go light, but paused bench singles aren’t exactly taxing to the system, so I did those too: Squat: … Learn More →

Roni’s log: pre-smolov continues

Getting ready for smolov in 2 weeks by staying in my comfort zone. DL: warmup, 140×5, 2 @ 160×5, 165×5 Bench: warmup, 225×3, 3 @ 275×3 (the last triple was … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: first light day

Don’t let the title fool you. It was “light” for me in the sense that I wasn’t going for PRs. Turns out I had less than an hour in the … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: 7 weeks to comp

yesterday: DL: warmup, 150×3, 160×3, 2 @ 170×3 Bench: warmup, 225×5, 265×3, 275×3, 280×3 , 225×3 quick sets of pullups and pushdowns 170×3 is a triple PR for me on … Learn More →

week 3

been rolling along fine. had a nice weekend, ate a lot and toned it down by sunday night, with the exception of a large popcorn which provided the necessary distraction … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Stupid

Took Smo’s challenge, and went for a triple squat at 395. It seemed logical since the 385 triple wasn’t too hard. But, keep in mind, my max single is around … Learn More →

Hours of fun


pretty sore today, did what i could BNP – 4*20 @65 PP – 2*16,11 Pulley rows – 4*15-20 DB flies – 3*20@25s (chest is messed up) DB Curls – 3*20 … Learn More →


hit a little depn work today sq – 4×20 atg @ 135 banded leg extns / ham curls abs then later banded curls, band pushdowns, lots of abs phenom arm … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Superfast set of squats

Had to get our wedding bands sized, so had 20 mins in the gym. Decided it would be a max day: Squat: warmup, 275×5, 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 225×12 (solid pump) … Learn More →


moving along well these days. 8 slices of bacon and 5 eggs for dinner last night. so good warmups to get the heart pumping- a handful of singles w snatch … Learn More →