Training for Powerlifting, Sheiko Style.

In this post, I’d like to explain what I know about Sheiko, how I’ve used and modified the program, and give some additional resources to learn more about Sheiko Powerlifting. At the bottom of the page is a Google Docs link which has all the Sheiko Programs set-up for you.

Let’s get started!


Boris Sheiko (On right) is a Russian Powerlifting Trainer. Sheiko is probably the most globally well-known Russian Powerlifting trainer. Being of Russian decent, finding a English history of this mysterious man has been difficult, that being said, look at the IPF records and you will see how the Russians dominate.

I’ve used the programs throughout my lifting career, and his high volume training method has become a staple in my raw powerlifting routine. The major modification that I have added when using the program has been adding additional back exercises such as chins and rows. The Westside method stresses the importance of a strong back for benching, squatting, and deadlifting. These additional exercises are usually added as supersets with dumbbell flies, dips, or other accessory chest movements. I have also worked in 2-board presses after working sets for bench to get used to lifting heavier weights without burning out. Modification for squat and deadlifts involve going way heavier! I almost always add a 90-95% single at the end of squat, if you follow a true Sheiko program which lasts multiple months, without adding additional heavy sets for squats, you might lose your groove on maxing day. When calculating the template, I have usually added 10-20 pounds to my max to make the program more difficult, I have found this works while you’re newer to Powerlifting but has been more difficult as I’ve progressed.

A brief look at my Sheiko Powerlifting results. Coming into March 2011, I had not squatted or deadlifted since December 2009 due to injury and pussiness. In that time I trained and ran a 30km running race in 2:26. After regaining my love for iron, I started running the Sheiko programs with max squat 275, max bench 215, and max deadlift 405. Now after 4 or 5 months of training, my numbers have improved to 420 squat, 265 bench, and 528 deadlift, not too shabby at a body weight of 158. If you quickly Google Sheiko Training Results you will find tons of examples of people gaining massive amounts of strength quickly. A week before the injury I maxed and used Sheiko to climb to a 265 bench, 412.5 squat, and 528 deadlift (same numbers) at 165bs. There is videos of these lifts under the tag videos.

The program I ran was #37, #31, #40, and #32. You’ll find the workouts and excel file at the bottom of the page. Based on the volume calculations, I progressively increased volume each month. These workouts and very taxing, and I believe should only be run in 3-4 month intervals before taking time off. I am now using a modified Westside with hints of Sheiko 29 worked in. (8/12/2011) I have found a few weaknesses developing in the lats, shoulder, and triceps region for bench work and hamstring and abs for squats. I will now take a month to stress these movements before moving back into a Sheiko or similar Powerlifting routine.

I would like to add my list of Sheiko 29 Powerlifting resources which I have collected. Being a mystic and Godly figure, finding information regarding the man has taken time.

Here is the link I promised with all the Sheiko template listed. Just enter your information and it will calculate your workout for you. You no longer need to write down your numbers while training, you come to the gym knowing the weights you’re going to hit.

The Programs are listed in Program Spreadsheet on the top toolbar.

A form that is dedicated to Sheiko Powerlifting Training. It is semi-active but read all the previous posts, they provide a multitude of information.

I always worried about modifying Sheiko routines while running the cycles and usually kept the accessory lifts as is. However, after searching endlessly, I have found a list which was translated from Sheiko himself. As a beginner I would not chance any movements until you have reached a high ranking. Supplemental is not the competition exercises, you never modify the Bench, Squat, and Deadlift portion which has percentages built in.

More information regarding these modification can be found here:

Squat Bench Deadlift
Pause Sq
Box Sq
Fr Box Sq
Slow Sq
Front Sq
Wide Front Sq
Wide Grip High-touch Bench
Medium Grip Bench
Close Grip Bench
Bench over Foam (arch)
Flat Back Bench
Slow Bench
3-5 sec Pause Bench
Rvs Grip Bench
DE Bench
Bench with Chains
Defecit DL
Pulls to Knees
Pause Pulls to Knees
Pulls to Knees + finish
Pulls to Knees + Mid Thigh (2 Stops)
Pulls from Boxes + Slow Eccentric
Pulls from Boxes (BTK)
DL Lockouts
Pulls from High Boxes (ATK)
Snatch Grip Pulls from Boxes
Zercher Lunge
Front Lunge
Hack Lunge
Duck Foot Sq
Negative Sq
Belt Sq
Sq Lockouts
Sq with Chains
Smith Machine Sq
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Ham Curls
Sq Jumps
Depth Jumps
Box Jumps
Calf Raises
Snatch Grip High Pulls
Snatch Grip High Pulls from Boxes
Hyperextensions/Weighted in various ways
Seated GM
Incline Bench (high touch)
Decline Bench (low touch)
Incline OHP
Behind-the-neck Press
Push Press
Seated OHP
Seated Behind-the-neck Press
Alternate DB OHP Standing
Alternate DB OHP Seated
DB Bench
Pec Deck
Incline Flyes
Weighted Dips
Weighted Pushups
Wide Grip Weighted Pushups
Bench Dips
Snatch Grip Pulls
Pulls with Chains
High Pulls
Belt Sqs
Seated Pulls ?
Stiff Leg GM’s
Seated GM’s
Hyperextensions/Weighted Hypers
Roman Chair Situp
Decline Situp
Leg Raises

I hope you enjoyed our little talk about Sheiko! The workouts really do work and I hope you give them a shot.

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