Smolov W3D2 5×7 345

Just keeping it going .. Hopefully finish smolov this Sunday with 10×3 at 385

Later in the day I did some bench..



  • smolov says:

    shittt so you are keeping the +20 going eh. is this week all PR sets or what?

  • Belyaev says:

    Yes everything is at least a 20lb PR belt or no belt, I have also cut out all stimulants for this week. Preworkout has become a solid meal. I have feel I have enough caffeine left in my body from the previous weeks to get through the final two days.

  • smolov says:

    I’ve always felt a lag when coming off the caffeine stack. Your body learned how to use more of itself, that doesn’t go away. Sounds like you are playing this one out perfectly. Fuckin jackkkkked to see where she takes you

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