Roni’s Log: Smolov W1D2

Ouch. Using my belted 400 max that I hit ONCE (right now I can probably barely eke out 375 belted), I calculated Smolov 75% at 300. Then I accidentally put … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Smolov W1D1

Entering another 3 week Smolov period for squats. I have never completed this before, but I did the same routine for bench (not recommended due to pectoral soreness). Max squat … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Kicking off the new year!

Happy new year, team! First off, I’d like to say that I’m proud of everyone of you, since we all saw big gains last year. If you’d have asked me … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Good New and Bad News

Yesterday worked out for the first time in a gym in a week. Last week I did W1 of Sheiko 29. Not my fave since it’s focused on speed and … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: 0.0001% leaner with more lats. Sheiko 29 W1D3

Pullup form is way better. Keeping it up. Solid lift sess with Dr. Ho (PhD) yesterday. Good times. Gonna bring you back into a solid sheiko routine Nathan! Your form … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Trying to take DLs seriously again with Sheiko 29: W1D2

I suck at DLs. This coming year I am going to work them with a couple rounds of sheiko because if this blog teaches anybody anything, it’s that sheiko is … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Sheiko 29, W1D1

Diet has begun, and with it, the return to Sheiko. Set my maxes as 410 squat (is actually 400), 290 bench, 386 DL (recent sumo max). Bench: warmup, 175×4, 2 … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: The return of accessory

The transition from svelte to portly is complete.¬†Weighing in at 199-201, depending on food. Lifts have peaked, so a diet may be on the horizon. Definitely not eating as much … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Back to DL

I haven’t deadlifted since comp a few months back. I am still doing sumo, because I can actually do it properly with my arm/leg proportions being what they are. No … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Weekly Digest

Quick recap of the last 2 sess’s: Box Squat: no-box warmup, 365×5, 5 @ 405×2, 315×5 (no box) Bench: warmup, worked up to two singles at 275. Was aiming for … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: I-go-you-go curls

Quickie post: Past Sunday was a 2×1 max/heavy squat day, and a 4×9 bench day. I changed it to a 7rep bench day. Squat: warmup, 315×2, 365×1, 385×1, 395×1, 395xFAIL … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Bench trip PR

More of the same. Squats: warmup, 315×3, 365×2 (FAIL on rep 3 due to weird belt malfunction), 2 @ 365×3, 365×2, 315×3 Bench: warmup, 225×3, 2 @ 255×3, 265×3 (PR), … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: This is how I feel…

This is how I feel every time I get crushed at 405: I try to fight her off, but she grabs me by the neck and just takes me down.

Roni’s Log: No PRs for once…

First: Congrats to Zdraf on winning our 405 MHP comp! Looked easy! Also, good work Manhaven on a deep 485. That’ll give you something to show the judges next time. … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: The saga continues

Same old. Worked heavy triples today. No box (obviously). Aiming to increase my strength and not just endurance: Squats: warmup, 315×3, 355×3, 370×3 (PR), 375×1 (was going for x2, but … Learn More →