smolov vs. smolov

so this week I’ve been focused on feeling good. haven’t really lifted – just a few circuits of chins, dips and bodyweight bulgarians with some shoulder and hamstring circulation work … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Time to get serious.

It’s time to unveil my new periodization strategy as part of the prep phase of my lifting. I’m calling it PLAN 1. The last 2 weeks I’ve been experimenting in … Learn More →

Post-Sheiko 4 day split

So you’ve been working with Boris for a while and you’re lifts are going up. But you need to change things up either mentally or physically. Mentally, squatting or deadlifting … Learn More →

Roni’s Log: Bench review

Great United Lifter’s social last night! Thanks manhaven for organizing! Got a bit of feedback on my new plan, and I’ll put it together this weekend and post it. Pumped! … Learn More →

New Modified Sheiko Powerlifting Program

Having maxed at the recent Powerlifting Competition and hit big personal records on the squat and deadlift. I’ve decided to take an entire deload week. I may do light exercising … Learn More →

Powerlifting programs update

Remember last week when I created a powerlifting spreadsheet which listed multiple powerlifting programs including Sheiko and Smolov? I just wanted to let you know I’ve updated the powerlifting program … Learn More →

Powerlifting Training Program

I had a dream last night, what if I had began my strength training career with the best beginner powerlifting routine? I imagined myself already holding the 148lb weight class … Learn More →

Powerlifting Programs

As much as I enjoy the outdoors, I just love excel. No that’s a lie, but I did create an excel spreadsheet which lists a lot of powerlifting programs in … Learn More →